Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pimpin' Aint EZ, but it Sho' is Profitable--False Profits, Pastors, Perverts and Prostitutes are bad **Just say NO**

I had the privilege of being part of an awesome panel on internet radio called BlogTalkRadio-Hick Town Press-this is talk radio on the internet, if you're curious here's a link:

Today's topic was: Pulpit Pimps, Panhandlers, Prostitutes and Perverts. And let me add this in reference to CHURCH...not the world, listen here

It's spearheaded by a fabulously astute, and talented young woman named Lynn. Check her blog out at

I had the awesome privilege of sharing the panel with my Hicktown brother and sisters and they were COP, CBW, Franetta & Leslie. The broadcast is archived therefore you can listen anytime as we discussed the prominence of pulpit pimps, panhandlers, prostitutes and perverts in the church. Lynn, posed questions that caused you to search your soul! Amen.

Source of Image,

You betta recognize, family!

Ivent ;)

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