Thursday, September 27, 2007

Queen? Is that you?!

A couple of days ago on my way to work...I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show ">Steve Harvey Morning Show, and I caught the tail end of an interview with Queen Latifah. Her new cd is called "Trav'lin Light."

*sidebar-Now, I'm all about one being an entrepeneur and establishing an empire, building a legacy etc, but I hadn't embraced Queen Latifah (aka Dana Owens) as a singer. I just couldn't get into her do-wop-woppin. Not my cup of tea. Now...I can..U-N-I-T-YYYYYYY, U-N-I-T-Y that's a unity.... all day long. I just wasn't feelin her as a singer, remember her debut on Living Single? It was ehhh, ok.

(Back to my scheduled posting)...I did not take her seriously as a singer until...that song. My goodness, Steve Harvey played Queen's song entitled "Simply Beautiful" ft Al Green. Ok, on this day, the 27th day of September 2007, I have officially certified Queen Latifah as a singer. It is, for lack of better words, Simply Beautiful!

Several times during the song her voice strained, but instead of wincing, you felt her as she was attempting to convey the love she has inside into words for those on the outside. She has matured and grown as a singer. On a scale of 1 to 5 *****, I give Queeny (remember Crooklyn?) 4 **** . If "Simply Beautiful" is an indication of things to come on that CD, Queen Latifah will be touring soon! Do NOT sleep on this CD. Classy all the way.

*sidebar #2*- 1. The older that chile gets, the more she looks like her daddy! Her father played in Beauty Salon (believe that's the name of the movie), and he was sitting in her chair...can't miss him, they look like twins!

and 2. I'm not trying to name drop or anything, but I did have the pleasure of meeting Queen Latifah in a club moons ago, and suffice it to say she was truly just as gracious in real life as she portrays herself in media. She was pleasant engaged in conversation, and was very amicable.

(back to my scheduled posting) Now family, it's late and my eyes are burning but I must repeat, get Queen's CD entitled "Trav'lin Light" and let me know what you think. it's a nice cd to listen to, especially when you're trying to listen to something soothing instead of crickets! haha. keep it real in the Village and don't mind our idiot (like y'all don't know any)-that's just Mooky -he's harmless!

Fam-you betta recognize....Queeny is sangin' now!


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