Sunday, October 28, 2007

Andre Leon-You Are Under ARREST!

And He Represents, Vogue Magazine?!

Just because Andre's cool with Oprah & J Hud
it still gives him no just cause to come out (in public no less) looking like a) a choir member who was a guinea pig for her best friend's sewing class
b) The next marlon/wizard in J.K. Rowing's future (??) movie
c) Cousin Hattie
d) a satin pillow or
e) red hot sausage.
I just want to split him open in the middle and add relish & mustard!
2 badges-cuz he's double the foolywang!
He get 4 tickets and a crash course in reminding him who he works for-VOGUE, man!!!!
I give J-Hud a crack across the knuckles for coming out in public w/Andre, and pretending she's cool with that outlandish get-up!

And because I'm feeling nice-I'm going to give Andre a voucher to ABC's Ugly Betty's fashion closet so he can get hooked up!
You better recognize Andre, us everyday people have our eyes on you!

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