Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey LaFace-Handle Your $$$$ So You Can Look Out for Abused Women!!!

Bynum pays $32K in taxes, plans to open spa
(edited for space, bold remarks by Ivent)

source Evangelist Juanita Bynum said Friday she has paid the delinquent property tax on her $4.5 million compound in Waycross, where officials had threatened to auction the property. ( SURGEON?!)

Bynum said at a press conference that the debt was an oversight. (aka, my fans did not send enough money to pay my bills!)

Nevertheless, Ware County tax officials say they are depositing Bynum's check for more than $33,000 but they don't intend to take her property off the market until they are sure the payment is good. An additional $300 is still owed on the property (Oh, Juanie!).

"I'm not taking it out of tax sale until the check clears the bank (you betta recognize--he's no fool!)," said Ware County tax commissioner Steve Barnard. "It takes about a week."

Barnard said Bynum's representatives (aka sheeple) have agreed to pay the $300 shortfall.

Bynum is seeking a tax exemption on the property and hopes to recoup the tax payment (Juanie, needs to stop!) in the future, she said.

The 30-acre compound with a lake view in South Georgia was purchased to house the headquarters of Juanita Bynum Ministries and the Mt. Olive Country Spa for women seeking pampering, prayer and spiritual guidance (this is news to us! Those women will have to sow one heckuva seed in order to set foot on that property!) .

Bynum said her lawyers have applied for a tax exemption on the property, but the deadline for the property taxes came before the paperwork was complete. The pastor said she had put $5,000 down on the tax bill earlier but was advised by her attorneys not to pay the full bill until the exemption came through (mmmhmmmmm).

Earlier this week, the property was scheduled for auction for non-payment of taxes. Barnard filed a lien against the compound on June 7 because $32,007.56 in 2006 property taxes had not been paid. According to the lien, a $3,200 penalty and $2,240 in interest also is owed.

Bynum provided a copy of her receipt to reporters that showed $38,904.15 (why? she's a mess!) had been paid on the account.

"The word of God tells me my integrity shall preserve my inheritance(and what does God say about the treatment of poor people and false teachers, Juanie?)," Bynum said. "I am not going to lose anything."

Still Barnard said he doubts Bynum qualifies for an exemption. He said he has discussed Bynum's appeal for a tax exemption with the Georgia Department of Revenue and he does not believe that her compound should get one because it does not have a congregation and it is not open to the general public (here comes her next video idea).

"She has a gate that stays locked (cuz, it's her crib!)," Barnard said. "You can only get in that place with permission. If it's a religious [place] it has to be open to the public."Barnard also said for-profit businesses can not receive the religious exemptions. "It's going to be up to the Board of Accessors and the Department of Revenue to decide if she gets an exemption."

Meanwhile, Bynum said, plans are moving forward for the spa at the compound, which currently includes four buildings. Another building will be added for the spa and prayer room.
Bynum said she also will release a makeup line called Ethne' and a group of bath products under the Mt. Olive brand name. Both have been under development for about a year, she said. (Hey--"Face of Domestic Violence?" Abused women are goin to be happy when you give them access to the spa, prayer room, and make up products!! Oh, wait a're goin to charge aren't you??? Scratch that)

The tax issue was the latest legal drama involving the nationally known Pentecostal evangelist, who has been in the news in recent weeks after alleging she was beaten by her estranged husband, Thomas Weeks III, also a pastor.

Bynum asked her fans to keep praying for her. She said the tax issue is not a "big deal"(of course it's not, that's why with your uncouth self, you pulled out the receipt and showed everyone!! It's!) and that she had the money to pay for it all along (Juanie, we KNEW you'd have an explanation!)."How many people do you know who can say they own (a) $4.5 million (we know you can brag about it Juanie!) in investment property," Bynum said. "The mortgage is $26,000(always the braggart-Oh Juanie!!). Stuff happens (it sure does Juanie, and when "stuff happens" to you, we can always depend on you and your facelift to jump in front of the camera with a lame brained, no rhyme or reason explanation-you NEVER fail to disappoint us!")

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