Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dionne & Co, You All Better Get Your $$$ Straight!

WARWICK'S REP SAYS TAX ISSUE IS NOT HER FAULT: Singer owes $3 million; outed on Cali's list of worst tax dodgers.

*At least one of the celebrities shamed on California's list of biggest tax offenders has come forward with an attempt to explain what went wrong.

Singer Dionne Warwick was exposed last week as owing 2.67 million in back taxes, but her rep says another party is responsible for the mixup.

"Ms. Warwick is aware of the tax situation which resulted from the negligence of previous business advisers," Warwick's publicist told TMZ.com. "She and her current business management team are now working with the state of California to resolve and settle the matter with the FTB [Franchise Tax Board]."

As previously reported, California's FTB announces the names of the state's biggest tax evaders in hopes of shaming and embarrassing the worst perpetrators into paying their debt. Other offenders included comedian Sinbad, who owes $2.14 million, and O.J. Simpson, whose debt totals $1.55 million.
Look, celebrities...
You all don't have excuses to not pay taxes--YOU MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!
As far as accountants, tax people etc being responsible to pay your money...
I'm not crazy about Oprah, but a long time ago she said...TRACK YOUR MONEY.
You sign the checks, know where your money's going.
You're not that busy, you don't know when it's time to pay taxes.
Get a Blackberry, Sidekick, stick a note in bible, scribble it on the tour bus,
whatever you have to do to remind yourself.
We have to pay ours.
Also, the money is in YOUR NAME.
Do you think the judge will send your accountant, financial advisor, OR YOU TO JAIL for evasion of taxes?
Get a grip-pay your debt.
The only with an excuse is O.J. -he's a hot mess, so we're not surprised.
But Sinbad & Dionne-HANDLE YOU BUSINESS.
You better recognize--you're no more special then us taxpayers

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