Wednesday, October 03, 2007

File this Under: There Goes the Judge...There Goes the Judge...

Circuit Judge Herman Y. Thomas

Judge Resigns Amid Probe Into Claims of Inmate Spanking
By: Phillip Rawls, Associated Press
(retrieved from

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - (AP) A judge once considered for a prominent federal appointment has resigned amid investigations of possible judicial and sexual improprieties, including allegations that he spanked male inmates in a private courthouse room.

The resignation of Circuit Judge Herman Thomas ends what was once viewed as one of Alabama's most promising legal careers, although his legal problems continue.
"We do have a criminal investigation going on," Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson said after Thomas' resignation Monday.
Thomas had been suspended with pay since March when a state judicial panel filed the first of a series of charges accusing him of unduly helping relatives and friends with their legal troubles and taking cases away from other judges -- without permission -- to change the defendants' legal status or reduce sentences.
Thomas resigned shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, which was the deadline for judicial prosecutors to file any additional charges before his Oct. 29 trial.
Hmmmmm, no pun intended but the "jury's still out on this one." I don't know what to make of it. Well--everybody knows,you CANNOT "hook" your peeps up, especially on your job! First of all--it'll be your behind in a sling, not theirs. And secondly, more importantly-you're a should've known you'd get caught. I wonder how did his colleagues find out he was taking cases away? I mean does he have a titled position (other than judge) that allows him to "take" cases away from other judges? Did they catch him in a sting? This is goin to be interesting.
Regarding spanking...there's possible improprieties. hmmm...were they young kids? adult males...this sounds weird. But if he's one of these old school bros, who's bringing back whoopin's...i ain't mad at him!! Guilty until proven innocent, I guess.
you better recognize...I hope for his sake..he's innocent.

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