Saturday, October 06, 2007

File This Under: Where Can I Find That In The Bible, "Bishop"?!

It is ok to cuss in the boudoir?? Yes, according to "Bishop" Weaks
credits: hicktownpress, heresyhunter

Well, Bishop Weaks has certainly put his mouth in it this time. He's pretty much confessed on the video below that he's a cusser (in the bedroom) and has granted permission to the couples in the "teach me how to love you" seminar, to implement cuss words in the bedroom. You know what? I don't think he had to tell most of the folks it was ok to curse (they're probably cursin' anyway), based on the audience's response it sounded more of a sigh of relief!

The body of Christ has no room for irresponsible ministering, and yet it seems the Church is bombarded with such, and the laymen are eating it up with a shovel. You better recognize, the only person who can make a fool out of you, is you.

Look at this trash. And look at JB. Does she look at times, uncomfortable, as in "honey that's TMI, that's TMI." Maybe it's me.


  1. When you read the type of garbage Weeks an Bynum were creating and teaching, you understand why God exposed those hypocrites!

  2. And you know what Lynn, when you look at the video, you know he was ministering exactly what the people in the audience wanted to hear. I don't get it...they're AGREEING with that mess!


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