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BLACK DEAF STUDENT VICTIM OF RACIST ATTACK: Student has "KKK" and swastikas scrawled on his chest while tied up.
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A black student at a secondary school for the hearing impaired in Washington D.C. was held against his will and marked with racist comments during an incident last weekend.
(American Sign Language Interpreter for the deaf, at right)

The words "KKK" and swastikas were drawn on the skin of the deaf victim, who was tied up for about 45 minutes before being released, according to Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier. He quickly notified dorm and school authorities, who called police.

Police have identified and interviewed the students involved and the "investigation is ongoing," Lanier said Wednesday. As of press time, no charges had been filed, and no names have been released. The incident, however, could result in criminal charges with "enhanced penalties for a hate crime," said Lanier.

Trouble started brewing when a group of black students and a group of white students began rough-housing in a dorm. "My understanding is the two groups engaged in friendly horseplay," Lanier said. But, she added, the groups got "angry with each other."

The two groups separated, she said, but later, six white students and one black student -- all between the ages of 15 and 19 -- took one of the black students into a dorm room and "held him there against his will."
"They used markers to write 'KKK' and draw swastikas on the student," Lanier said. They also tied up his hands so he was unable to communicate in sign language.

The residential high school is located on the campus of Gallaudet University, a higher education facility for deaf and hard of hearing people. The high school is administered as a division of the university's Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center.

Dean of Clerc Center Katherine A. Jankowski said the seven students who participated in the incident were sent home. Gallaudet provost Stephen Weiner said the school does "not tolerate any action, behavior of this type."

"We are taking action," he said. "We are looking at programs to help students understand we are a school with a diverse population. …This incident is intolerable. That's why the Metro police are involved. That's how serious we are about this incident."


You know it's the last days when disabled children are getting in on the racial hate crimes!!

You betta recognize!

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