Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foxy Brown Fits Right In At Rikers!

FOXY BROWN THROWN IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: Rapper snatched from gen pop after committing three separate offenses.

*Foxy Brown is in "the hole" at Rikers Island after she reportedly committed three separate violations this month, sources tell the New York Post.

The rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was taken from the general-population on Oct. 16 and tossed into solitary confinement, where she is currently serving a 76-day sentence.

The first of her three violations occurred in the Rose M. Singer facility on Oct. 3 as she and another inmate were en route to the dining hall for a meal. For some reason, they got into a shoving match, prompting correction officers to jump in and pull them apart, according to sources.

The other two infractions occurred the following day, when Foxy reportedly cursed out some correction officers and refused to undergo a random drug test, sources said.

The Department of Corrections reviewed the three violations and decided to send Foxy to "punitive segregation" for 76 days.

The new arrangement calls for her to spend up to 23 hours alone in her cell, sources said. For an hour each day, she is allowed to see visitors, meet with an attorney, go to the library or exercise in a recreation area away from the general-population inmates.

The other inmate involved in the shoving match was given 11 days in the segregation unit, authorities said.

Meanwhile, Foxy could face more disciplinary charges when correction officials examine her refusal to board a Rikers Island bus at least twice to go to a scheduled Brooklyn court date on Oct. 12.

As previously reported, Foxy missed the first bus because she was still doing her hair and makeup. She skipped the second bus because she wanted to finish eating her lunch.

The artist was sentenced on Sept. 8 to a year in jail for violating her probation after several arrests.

That child needs professional help.
She better calm it down before she gets cracked over the head with a lock in a sock!
Those inmates are scandalous to do that mess.
Who knows? Maybe being in solitary confinement will cause her to get on her own nerves so much she'll come out changed. *silence*
NAWWWWWW, people like Foxy, usually have to encounter something so traumatizing before they realize the error of their ways.
Father, please send a laborer to love on Inga.
If you can't do it-It can't be done!
Ivent :)

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