Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grandma Power...ACTIVATE!!!

I had to run this story! You can't get better customer referrals then this way! Everyone's (on one occasion or another) wanted to kick a whole in the back of Comcast's head! Comcast's customer service does leave alot to be desired, that's for sure!!
Thanks Grandma!

Tool Time: Woman, 75, Takes Hammer Down To Cable Office

-A Virginia woman is in trouble with the police after her frustrations led to an incident with a hammer and a cable company computer.


MANASSAS, Va. -- Mona Shaw, 75, was so fed up with her cable provider in Virginia that she decided to take some serious action (Video: MyFoxDC).So she took a hammer down to the Comcast payment center.Shaw figured her age would keep her from getting in too much trouble."At 75 ... I figure they're not going to hang me," she told Washington, D.C., FOX affiliate WTTG.
Grandma Shaw did what most of us have felt like doing.
Scaring the crap out of poor service reps.
she's a hero in my book! Of course, I don't condone giving people heart attacks, or panic attacks for that matter-but I am a proponent in "making my presence known/felt." Amen, Grandma Shaw...i'm on your side!!

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