Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guess who's NOT coming to dinner???

Katelyn, and son D'Andre

D'Andre's dad, Reme Johnson-

It had to be a mugshot-RIGHT MAINSTREAM MEDIA?! D'Andre's uber-proud grandparents, the Kampfs!

Plea Deal Made in Kidnap-Abortion Case
credit: AOL News/AP

PORTLAND, Maine (Oct. 11) - The parents of a white woman pregnant with a black South African man's child have reached a plea agreement in which they will serve no time in prison for allegedly trying to kidnap her to force her to have an abortion, the couple's lawyer said Wednesday

Nicholas and Lola Kampf have agreed to plead guilty Friday to misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges to resolve the case, said Thomas Hallett, Nicholas Kampf's attorney.Under the agreement, the couple will avoid jail time and the assault charge will be dropped once they complete counseling, Hallett said."The reality is this was a family matter from the get-go. We tried to resolve this in the best way possible. It was in the best interest of everyone not to blow this up into a big trial," Hallett said.

The Kampfs were accused of tying up their daughter Katelyn, forcing her into their car and heading toward New York for an abortion. They were arrested last September at a shopping center in Salem, New Hampshire, after Katelyn fled and called police on a cell phone. Katelyn Kampf, 20, said she is frustrated that District Attorney Stephanie Anderson is dropping the felony kidnapping charge."She's just letting my parents get off with barely a slap on the wrist," Kampf told the Portland Press Herald in Wednesday's edition.
Anderson responded that Kampf was involved in the discussions, and she said she was unaware that Kampf was unhappy with the agreement. Breaking her silence on the ordeal, Katelyn Kampf described a harrowing experience that ensued on Sept. 15, 2006, after her parents learned she was pregnant with a mixed-race baby. Reme Johnson, her boyfriend at the time, is black."I did end up making a run for it," she told broadcaster WMTW-TV in an interview. "At one point, I ran out of the house. My father chased me down our driveway and tackled me, and I had grass stains all over, and I was screaming for help."

After she escaped at a shopping center in Salem, New Hampshire, police found a .22-caliber rifle, duct tape and rope in the parents' car.Kampf could not be reached for additional comment Wednesday, and her attorney and the district attorney didn't immediately return calls from The Associated Press. Hallett denied that the Kampfs were racist - calling the accusation "garbage" - but said the parents were troubled by the unplanned pregnancy."These were two parents who were absolutely torn apart by what was happening to their daughter, just torn apart," Hallett said. "It was like a nuclear explosion going off in any family that has to face a similar situation. "Katelyn Kampf's son, D'Andre Johnson, was born in January.The baby's father, Reme Johnson, is being held by immigration officials and scheduled to be deported to his native South Africa after serving time for receiving stolen property.
Where do I begin??
Being the parent of a daughter the same age as Katelyn, I understand why the Kampfs were upset. Single parenthood is hard, and life-altering. *If I found out my daughter was impregnated by a white man?* I could care less, and my daughter can verify this--I'd be too upset that she was pregnant at such a young age! Having said that, THERE'S NO WAY I'd want to EXTERMINATE MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD! That baby would be my posterity, my lineage, my blood. That's like killing myself! My sister experienced her daughter getting pregnant, and she was livid! She knew the struggles, the obstacles her daughter, my niece would endure. But guess what? My sister got over it, and her grandson Damari (my 1st great nephew!) is the joy of ALL OF OUR LIVES, but esp. grandma. My sister is a WONDERFUL grandmother!!
What Katelyn did was courageous, but her parents were cowards.
Stop giving credence to what the neighbors, your friends, associates, colleagues, church members etc would think and say, and tell your daughter that "you're all in it together!"
Lil' D'Andre is going to have a fight on his hands.
  • black
  • male
  • has a young mother
  • the son of a convict-named Reme (i hope it's not pronounced like the liquor "Remy")
  • born into a single parent household
  • the grandchild of bigoted (?), controlling parents
  • featured in a publicized story so now EVERYONE will know who they are= unwanted attention & pressure

I'm a firm believer that God, is a God of restoration. I believe he can restore and perfect Katelyn's familial relationship--after she let's go of the anger. Yes, I'm talking forgiveness. It's a process, but it is possible to achieve.

God bless the Kampf family!


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