Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Humble Will Be Exalted & The Exalted Will Be Humbled...

WHEN THE CHURCH DOORS CLOSE: BET's new series, 'Exalted,' shines the spotlight on Bishops Charles E. Blake and Carlton Pearson (pic, far right) in coming weeks.


On October 2, 2007, only the venerable "Monday Night Football" had more viewers on basic cable than "Exalted," the new weekly one-hour original documentary series currently airing on BET.

A potent and entertaining mix of VH-1's "Behind the Music" and TBN, "Exalted" peels away the layers and gives viewers an unfettered glimpse into the stories of the sometimes controversial and ever more prominent lives of the leaders of so-called "mega churches" around the country.

The first installment featured Prophetess and National Televangelist Juanita Bynum, a fixture in the local and national news due to her recent marital issues.

Another spotlight was on Reverend Paul Morton, leader of the one of the largest churches in New Orleans, whose multiple places of worship became tragic casualties of Hurricane Katrina. Presiding Bishop of the entire Church of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C), Charles E. Blake will be explored on October 30.

On November 6, the series will also spotlight Bishop Carlton Pearson, who has made the controversial statement: "God is not Christian." This, coupled with his recent sermons doubting the existence of hell, has caused tension among his flock and throughout the African American church community nationwide.

Narrated by Blair Underwood, "Exalted" was created by D'Angela Proctor Steed, who serves as an Executive Producer, alongside Nia T. Hill.

"Exalted" airs Tuesdays at 9pm (E/P) on BET.


I remember hearing about Juanie B, being on BET

but I didn't know it was the "Exalted" program.

Not trying to sound sanctimonius, just wondering if the show's name has a double entendre? Sometimes, I make simple things difficult.

Anyhoo, I'd be interested to see what's said about Carlton Pearson.

He's definitely "kook, the Nut."

that's just my humble opinion.

His wife sure has stuck by his side, which befuddles my mind.

If/when I get married I will follow my husband as he follows Christ.

When hubby starts talking and applying crackpot theories...well, i'll let you surmise.
This should be interesting to watch.

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