Saturday, October 27, 2007

Godtube vs. Youtube: There Is No Competition!

CHRISTIAN SITE COMPETES WITH YOUTUBE, MYSPACE?: is the fastest growing place on the Internet. source

What Would Jesus Download? More than a deeply theological question, it's the tagline for the fastest growing domain on the net,, a new social networking Web site that was recently spotlighted on ABC's nightline.

The most watched video on the site (viewed over 4 million times) features an adorable, ruby-cheeked 3 year old girl reciting Psalm 23. The little cutie is just one of the reasons, the answer to with a Christian slant, was ranked #1 of 1,000 Web portals as evaluated by Comscore Media Metrix (August 2007).

Dallas Theological Seminary student Christ Wyatt said his goal in creating the site was "to service the 2 million Americans who were searching for religious answers online." All the material is screened to make sure everyone feels welcome at his online abode.

This portal is definitely not a YouTube clone. A search using the word "Halloween" showed 20 pages of information on each site including the word. The subject was addressed differently on each site. For example, on You Tube a sexy model on a show called Hot for Words breaks down the Catholic origins of the now spooky day. On the other hand, in a video entitled The Truth About Halloween on Gospel Tube the speaker concentrates on the evilness of the day.

God Tube keeps a unique identity by being G-rated -- 100% family-friendly.

"We watch every single minute of every video. You can feel assured that when your kids go on not only is it safe, but they're getting a bit of Christianity as well," Wyatt said in an MSNBC interview.

The large assortment of content on the site that appeals to a broad Christian demographic might be another reason GodTube rules. It's practically a Christian video mercado dedicated to clean entertainment and evangelism. From the urban-inspired spoken word poetry and Holy Hip Hop music, to the classic sermons from the late Coral Ridge Ministries pastor Adrian Rogers, end time messages and international Christian news it is plainly a hang out for Christians or the
Christianity-curious. There is also a section for videos to be uploaded En Espanol.

A free membership offers visitors the opportunity to upload videos, create profiles and chat with potential friends at

I have made it no secret, how much I love

If it's related to God, Church etc you can search in the search field,

and choose from the results. They have wonderful uploads of church services, children, dancers, comedians and on, and on.
Judge for yourself, check out

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