Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Will Cut You Over My Pickles! (no seriously, I would :P )

IN A PICKLE: Man Jailed, Used Pickle as Weapon

NILES, Mich. (AP) - Calling it silly yet serious, a judge sentenced a 35-year-old man to time served in jail and probation in a case that police say involved an assault with - and over - pickles.

Bobby Lee Bolen, who lives in the southwestern Michigan community of Buchanan, was sentenced Monday to 54 days in jail with credit for 54 days served and one year of probation as well as restitution for third-offense home invasion.

According to police reports, Bolen broke into Jody Lee's home in Buchanan Aug. 20, got into an argument and threw two large pickles at friends Lee and J.W. Romanski III.

Two counts involving Bolen's assaults were dismissed as was a charge of cutting or interfering with phone lines.

"If this is not the silliest case I've ever seen in this courtroom, it certainly is in the top 10," Berrien Trial Court Judge Scott Schofield said Monday. "The fact that it's silly doesn't mean that it's not serious."

Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Travis called the situation "completely needless."

"Mr. Bolen is in need of anger management, so maybe he can get to the bottom of why he would commit a felony over pickles," Travis told the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune.

Defense attorney Robert Lutz said alcohol appeared to be at the root of Bolen's problem.
Why did I post this?

Besides saying, "I Can,"
I'm also going to "share."
Anyone who knows me will attest to this:
So the thought of someone throwing pickles-instead of giving them to me (perhaps) really gets my goat!
If I get a hamburger/sandwich I ALWAYS ask for heavy pickles. Before I leave I check the burger/sandwich.
People let me tell you something:
"extra" and "heavy" are not synonomous.
If I get an EXTRA pickle when I asked for heavy pickles, the following takes place: First i give a look. then I take a deep breath. Then I check the receipt to make sure I made my desire known correctly (of course I did), then I send it back. *I'll say extra prayers at this time cuz I know some foodworkers are scandalous, when it comes to sending food back*

Done correctly, there'll be at least a 2 layer stack and I will not be able to see the meat on the sandwich because it's covered with pickles. This insures I get pickles in every bite.
Ok, I've opened up enough.
til next time,
You Better Recognize the world around you!

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