Wednesday, October 31, 2007

He Chose Me...

He is God
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No longer striving to make a name for myself
for I now walk in the name of "Jesus,"
I recount the days of not long ago,
as a babe in Christ new to this faith walk,
fearful when I didn't hear from you or speak to you.
Alone without you or so I thought.
Feeling abandoned yet again, I wanted to leave you, but was unable.
Foolishly believing you were like the rest, I wanted to shut down, and hide.
But with faith the size of a seed , yes mustard I mustered up strength.
Not realizing the magnitude of the faithful God I now worshiped.
"Because of who you are" you picked me up, and loved me.
you wiped away tears, brushed away stray strands that lay plastered to my face.
Realizing you my Lord, would never leave me, never forsake me, it is an inconceivable thought.
How is it possible to mess up, foul up, drop the ball, miss it by this much, come so close, oops no cigar,
better luck next time, this was not my season, everything happens for a reason, what is wrong with me, there's a time and a place for everything, and yet You still love me?

When I said I would never serve Him again, because his children hurt me.
He loved me the same.

When I vowed to never utter another prayer.
He loved me the same.

Through thin pages of power you speak the Word.
You said, I can do all things, i can ask for wisdom, i have a sound mind,
To build on a solid foundation, and to all people be kind.
I sing when I'm happy, blue, confused, misused, and abused, because regardless of circumstance
you've promised to see me through.
I tell all what you've done for me, but also what you'll do for them.
I say he'll make the darkness light again
Can you believe that my friend?
I've purposed in my heart to be grateful in all things.
Because, I have eternal gratitude for Christ Jesus who allowed this captive's freedom to ring.
I sing because I can.
Not for attention or a record deal.
I sing because I'm a walking miracle.
Because my life the enemy wanted to destroy kill & steal.
I know for myself, not based on what I heard or read,
That my Almighty God is great, as I'm made mindful every time I rise out of bed.
As you healed me from my past, my hurts, and pain-You infused me with love, and I began to live again.
Your love poured out of me, just as rivers flow do.
I look in the mirror and a smile shines through.
Because my Father saved me, the devil's defeated, and I your baby girl whom you knew before creation..
have been made anew.
You..And...You Alone...Are God, and for that reason alone, I'll always be eternally grateful. Amen.
-Bridgett Crutchfield

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