Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Is Why Kids Act The Way They Do...

Mother Assaults Students At School (Detroit, MI)

Noble Middle School was locked down on Tuesday and a student’s mother was taken into custody after a fight escalated.

Two girls got into a fight in the lunchroom at Noble Middle School on Fullerton Road.

One of the girls called her mother for help, police said. The mother arrived with two men.

School officials said the adults walked through the front doors of the school. Police said the mother assaulted and confronted students.

“They came through the front door, they didn't come through the side, they walked in and started attacking kids and they injured my child. I'm on my way to the hospital now to take my child,” Linda Finley, a mother.

The woman was taken into custody and the lockdown was lifted.
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When your mama's a hot mess-how do you think you'll turn out??
She should be embarrassed. I hope Lara Finley, press charges.
This is not an isolated incident in Detroit.
This type of behavior is reported at least once a year. That's one too many.
In addition to the mother, there were 2 men. This was MIDDLE SCHOOL, for goodness sakes.

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