Tuesday, October 02, 2007


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Ok. So my daughter and I go to our first Weight Watchers (W.W.) meeting. Except it wasn't our first meeting. TOMORROW will be our first meeting. Today was our FIRST time going to Weight Watchers. The woman who assisted wouldn't let us fill out any paperwork since I didn't have my health insurance card. W.W. has agreements with insurance companies, and because my insurance qualified, I only had to pay a ONE TIME FEE (not weekly). The rep who helped sign me up (via telephone) said all we needed to do was bring the paper work (confirming our membership) and we were cool. Well....that's not what the asstant (at W.W.) said at the meeting-so needless to say we'll back tomorrow.
You better recognize--I'm glad I am saved, cuz I sure didn't appreciate wasting gas on a trip that was pointless.
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