Sunday, October 28, 2007

Note to Jesse Jackson: Open Mouth, Insert Foot & Keep it There!!

I love dropping in at's website. Brother IC, always knocks the ball out of the park w/his posts.

I'm not sure what Jesse Jackson was thinking, but he was very irresponsible in his statement. I'm glad the young man was released, but to liken it to Christ's ordeal is disrespectful. Jesus did not have his face in the place, committing sexual immorality for all the world to see (videotaping). Maybe he was overwhelmed with emotion because Genarlow was surprisingly freed, I don't know. But he better issue a statement and clean this mess up. This is why he would never become President...not of the U.S. anyways. Now he's addressed as "reverend"(i'll NEVER address a human as 'reverend-that's another post) but what local body does he preside over? When does he minister? and to whom? I'm just asking.

Read Bro. I.C's passionate post below:

"Jesse Jackson Blasphemes. Compares Genarlow Wilson’s Release with
Resurrection of Christ!"


This man Jesse Jackson is just the biggest manipulator and spewer of heresy in Atlanta at the moment. Today a kid named Genarlow Wilson, who had been locked up for having sexually immoral activity with a girl was released. The whole dispute was her age, some early assessments of events and details in GA’s sexual abuse laws. I recall when it first all occurred. The kid’s made video of it all. And it certainly appeared he had taken advantage of a mentally unstable girl. (The girl is mentally challenged.) Just nastiness. Honestly, that’s why I never said a word about it. Once upon a time groups like the NAACP had a morality standard and if you didn’t meet the standard, you didn’t go crying to them when you got locked up. Now it’s different, but I was not going to cry about consequences of sexually immoral behavior. The court has ruled and I respect their opinion as much as any previous decisions in the case. But Jesse Jackson said a prayer (which of course was not closed in the name of the Son of God Christ Jesus, because it was Jesse Jackson’s prayer), where he said some things of flat out heresy.

He mentioned IN THE PRAYER, that Tom Joyner, Steve Havery and others speaking on behalf of Genarlow Wilson were like (paraphrasing) “voices in the wilderness like John the Baptist. “

Notice Jesse picked John the Baptist, like a run-up to Christ.

Then as the Political Insider blog notes and they have link to the full audio of Jackson
Jackson on Genarlow: ‘We’ve endured the crucifixion, and now we see the stone is rolling away’

But most interesting was the prayer at the end of the press conference, which Jackson led.

“We thank You for his parents, who would not surrender in the face of tyranny,” Jackson said. “Now its morning time, and we feel a sense of joy that it’s morning time. We’ve endured the crucifixion, and now we see the stone is rolling away.”

“In Genarlow Wilson, You say the ground is no place for a champion. And so we rise.”

Well no wonder he didn’t close the prayer in the name of the Lord! He’s making the guy released from prison out to be Christ!

This is just a height of blasphemy and needed to be noted here. If you don’t believe me, click the audio link above and and they have an audio link where you can hear it all for yourself.


Does anybody think Jesse Jackson spoke to Genarlow Wilson about if he has accepted Christ as Savior? I would ask did the so-called reverend counsel Wilson to turn from sexual immoral behavior given the mess it’s caused him more, but I won’t because Jesse Jackson has been caught forsaking his own wife and I know he probably never once showed any care for Genarlow Wilson’s soul. So if you meet Genarlow, since Jesse Jackson probably didn’t do it, see if you can speak with him about Christ. His body is free from man’s prison and it would be good that he was given assistance regard

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