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OMG! Marlon Jackson--Where have you been, hon?!

Marlon Jackson Speaks Candidly With Carmen Carter About Diversity in Media & Entertainment "Live" on "InsideDiversity -- The Power of Intelligence(TM) Internet Radio"
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Carmen Carter, above


Houston, TX ( - On Wednesday, October 3 at Noon (CST), "Marlon Jackson of the world renowned Jackson Five speaks candidly about the business of Diversity in Media and Entertainment on InsideDiversity -- The Power of Intelligence(TM) with Host Carmen M. Carter, Founder and Chief Diversity Officer of the Multicultural Women's Council, live on the Voice America(TM) Network.

Marlon Jackson and his brothers, The Jackson Five dominated the radio and music charts starting in 1969 on the Motown Record label. The Jackson 5 were the first American group to have four consecutive number one records that included "I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save" and "I'll Be There" giving them instant international recognition and fame. They have had the privilege to meet and perform for Heads of State and Presidents of many countries, performing twice for Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth; "The Royal Performance for the Queen's Mother" and "The Queen's Jubilee".

In 1997 Mr. Jackson and his brothers, The Jackson Five, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their contributions to the music industry. The Jackson Five are the youngest group to be inducted.

Being associated and jointly responsible, with his brothers, for the sale of more than 150 million records over a span of thirty-eight years, Mr. Jackson has successfully combined the entertainment side of his talents with the business management skills required in today's entertainment business world.

Marlon Jackson with partner Alvin James founded the Major Broadcasting Cable (MBC) Network now renamed the Black Family Channel as the first minority-owned and operated cable network, with a commitment to entertain and empower urban communities. After four years of intensive research developing and fine-tuning the concept, Jackson and his partner became convinced that family values programming is the future of cable television.

Today Mr. Jackson is still making hits and topping the charts through a more innovative avenue. Sharing the vision and dedication of the network to provide intelligent, spiritually significant and family values oriented programming involving every sector of the community including business, entertainment, sports, non-profit and government to a diverse audience. Mr. Jackson, as a Managing Member, brings his sound management skills and a wealth of diversity from the entertainment industry to the various ventures he is involved with.
You know what? It looks like I had the crush on the smartest Jackson, after all! When errybody loved Michael and Jermaine, I was kissing (that's right) Marlon Jackson on my Jackson Five poster. When I came across this article at, I immediately went back to Downtown Business Magnet High School, in L.A, CA 1984--oh my goodness. They had a concert in L.A. and I believed it rained. "Can you feel it?" Can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT!
OMG! I wouldn't care if Marlon was going to extol the benefits of Preparation H in that article..he was definitely going to get some POST TIME from the Kid...ya' dig?!
I'm happy in the village tonight, you can believe that!
LOL-can you tell i've watched Chris Crocker on You Tube??
Ivent ;)

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