Saturday, October 20, 2007

Protest Nas' Upcoming CD entitled "N***er"-sign the petition!!

Citizens Against the N-word:

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Sign the petition (below) expressing your outrage, and disgust towards Nas, L.A. Reid, and Def Jam Records and their decision to release a CD entitled "Ni***r."

When will black celebrities STOP THE INSANITY?? The more the black community attempts to come together as one, i.e., Jena 6, we had those such as Katt Williams wearing a noose as an accessory to an awards show, and now Nasir Jones aka Nas is insistent upon naming his CD, "N***er."

To quote Michael Baisden, famed radio talk show host, what kind of "frackle knackle bull is this?!"

Express your outrage. Be heard, sign below.

sign petition here

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