Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remind Me To Stay on Gramp's Good Side!!

Gunman severs victim's penis
credit: Yahoo! news

VIENNA (Reuters) - An elderly Turkish man was arrested in Austria on suspicion of shooting dead another Turk and cutting off his penis because he believed the victim was having an affair with his wife, police said Thursday.

A police statement said the 76-year-old Turk confronted the other man, 58, at a bus stop in Wimpassing near Vienna on Wednesday, shot him at close range, sliced off the man's penis with a kitchen knife and laid it beside him before fleeing.

The gunman was arrested in a nearby apartment building, offering no resistance. During questioning, he admitted the killing and said he was relieved "because he had rescued his honor," the statement said.

It said the man told police that his wife and the other man appeared to have been carrying on a relationship for 20 years and he had challenged the man about it, without result.

I have no words.
Last thing I need is for that man to hunt me down, shoot and slice something off of me.
Unless of course he wants to slice off a couple of adipose (fat) cells.
I may just accommodate him!
God bless the victim's family.

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