Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Goes Around...

Bynum's $4.5M home in south Ga set for auction for nonpayment of taxesy

Evangelist Juanita Bynum's $4.5 million South Georgia compound is scheduled to be auctioned off next month for nonpayment of property taxes, officials said.
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Ware County Tax Commissioner Steve Barnard filed a lien against the 23.6-acre property owned by Juanita Bynum Ministries on June 7, citing failure to pay $32,007.56 in 2006 property tax.
According to the lien, a $3,200 penalty and $2,240 (total= $37,447.56) in interest is also owed.

It's the latest legal drama involving the nationally known Pentecostal evangelist, who has been in the news in recent weeks after alleging she was beaten by her estranged husband, Thomas Weeks.

Barnard said Tuesday that the property, on St. Bernard Trail near Waycross, will be sold at auction on Nov. 6 on the steps of the Ware County Courthouse. The auction will be canceled if Bynum Ministries, which still has ownership, pays the full amount before that date, he said.

Bynum's Waycross-based ministry bought the property for $4.5 million last year.
Barnard said there is a 7,487-square-foot house, a 6,748-square-foot house and a 1,366-square-foot house on the property. Bynum lives in one of the homes (can u guess which house?), he said.
Barnard said someone from Bynum's office called him last month, "wanting to know if they could set up a payment plan, and I told them if she sent me $25,000, I'd take it out of the [Nov. 6] sale, and she'd have 60 days to pay the balance.

That partial payment was supposed to be made by Sept. 28, Barnard said.
"I never received anything, and then last week, I received a check for $5,000 (can u say ghetto?!)and someone from her organization called and wanted to know if we got the check," Barnard said. "I said, well, we got a check for $5,000 that was supposed to have been $25,000, and they wanted to know if that (the $5k )would take it out of the sale and I told them, no."

Bynum told police in August that her estranged husband, Weeks, beat, choked and stomped her to the ground in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel.

Weeks, also a pastor, has denied the alleged abuse.

Bynum filed for divorce from Weeks last month in Gwinnett County. She moved to Waycross after separating from Weeks.
If it's the ministry's home, why is it being auctioned? That ministry generates MILLIONS.
Why would you send a check for a paltry $5k and the debt is in excess of $30,000?
Is this why there was a solicitation for $200k--for the FLESHING floor?
Is this why she's asking Weeks, for financial support?
I'm not an oderiferous expert...but somethin SMELLS FISHY!
You evicted your hubby, dogged him out, and now look. God does not like ugly.
She's going to have a perfect explanation as to losing the home. *smh*
The Bible says:
Proverbs 16:18 - Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
As long as Bynum continues to operate in Control, she's goin to lose much more.
It's time to confess and repent before the Lord, get some healing Juanita!
God is not to be mocked!

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