Monday, October 15, 2007

*Yawn* Not that Anyone Cares or Anything...

**In addition to my sis Lynn, over at, another friend of mine's, a coworker, has proved to be vital in my life. Because of her love and support, I choose to honor her on Mondays...we always talk about Hollywood while at work, so I deem Mondays as "M.M. Mondays," after my girl, M.M. I will post mostly about celebrities in honor of M.M.-Ivent **

Hasselbeck Ready to Pop

"View" fans take note: you've got less than a month with your beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck (pic, r) before she goes on extended pregnancy leave. The blonde conserva-mom -- who already has a daughter with former football-playing hubby Tim Hasselbeck -- is preggo with her second child, and Hasselbeck's spokesperson says Lizzy will be taking leave starting November 8 or 9.

Who's Whoopi going to argue with now?To satiate your Hasselbeck desires, "The View" will have a series of celeb co-hosts in her place.

Why they had to release a statement saying she was going on maternity leave is beyond me. Isn't it kind of THE RULE to go on maternity leave when you're pregnant? *yawn* That chile, just bores me to no end.
Arriverderci, sayonara, adios, hola, au revoir, kick rocks, and be gone already!!
Ivent :)

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