Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family It's Time to Cancel Your Membership to Club M.L.C.

What's In Your Wallet?!
Members of M.L.C.,
I come to you on this blessed day to relinquish my membership card.
Why? Because I choose not to affiliate myself with those who identify themselves as being a member of
the "Misery Loves Company" party.
I cannot keep repenting before God over the same things, time and time again.
I'm tired of being around people WHO ARE ALWAYS NEGATIVE!
I'm tired of being in darkness, when I'm supposed to be a beacon of light.
I have sat around and listened as you talked about others, and I've sat around you all and initiated the talking of other people. I'm sickened by my actions.
So I denounce my affiliation with you...M.L.C.
I do not want to be bitter, and embattled.
I do not want to talk about people as soon as their backs are turned.
I do not want to be known as an instigator, but instead- a motivator.
So I take a step forward. I'm stepping into change, and 'm stepping into my future. A bright, HAPPY, non-judgmental, miserable future. But one full of color, smiles and laughter.
You can have my membership card, M.L.C, for I AM no longer miserable and in need of company of miserable people such as yourselves. No talking around the water cooler, no sneaky giggles no turned up lips.
ENOUGH Already.
I'm getting a life, and I challenge you...ALL OF YOU MLC's to do the same.
GET A FREAKIN' LIFE -then you won't have time to talk about everybody else. Better yet, take care of the hot mess you have going on under your very roof, AND THEN you won't have time to talk about everyone else.
You're on your own.
If any of you feel me, but are scared to step up and make the change. Leave a note a comment (anonymous if you wish, and we'll walk this thang out together) and say "Ivent, I'm tired of being miserable (or sick and tired of being sick and tired..whatever) i'm cancelling my membership." And it's that easy.

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