Sunday, October 14, 2007


You know what? If it wasn't for the eyewitness at the hotel, and the police officer on TV, I'd call Junie B a LIAR!! I'd say..."Junie B! don't be hatin' on Bishop T!" I'm telling you, it is my HUMBLE opinion, after viewing this video, that "bishop" has found himself. He exudes a confidence, and assurance that I thought only came from ridin on Junie B's coattail. And we all know neither Junie B, nor her makeup, nor her coattails are within 1,000 ft of "bishop T," ok? Either he has done some type of repentance, or he's got a serious mentor cuz this man seems to be "free!" (I choose "B")
Well, I guess he is free in a sense...he doesn't have loudmouth Junie B around to worry his nerves. If I saw this video(below) before the attack, I would've said the story is made up and HE DID NOT STUMP HER VA-JAY-JAY!! But they say-say he stumped her in her va-jay-, and that's soooooo not o.k.k.k.
Check him out yourself:


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