Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Women::: Self-Appointed Whores of America??

I love truth, especially when it's making me a better person.
A blogging brother of mine is the same way.

I visit his blog on the daily to see what's going on in that complex head of his!
He gives it TO EVERYONE straight no chaser and doesn't mince words...not a one (hmmmm, sounds like he could be my twin).
"One Man" is not afraid of controversy-his blog's name?
"Look At This Nigger"
One Man's Blog

He has posted a video narrated by DeDe Hunt entitled
"Who is Sara Baartman"
This history has touched me so much so, that I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING ELSE (on my blog) until Thursday (that's right, I'm posting on Turkey Day!)
Prepare to be moved.
I now introduce to you... YOUR history, YOUR foremother:
Sara Baartman

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