Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made, We Will Rejoice, and Be Glad In It!!

In my immediate household, Thanksgiving is not a holiday.
On the daily my children and I do a "Thanks" check:
"Mama, did you thank God today?"
"Hey guys, did you thank your Daddy today?"
My daughter 'Nesa, will shout "THANK U, JESUS!" out loud, because she knows what we've been thru and where we've come from.
  • I'm thankful that I'm no longer that controlling (out of fear) insecure woman, who abused verbally/physically when things didn't go MY WAY. (that's why i comment strongly on abuse...they're scared control freaks!)
  • I'm thankful that after all of the HELL I put my mom through (due to NO SELF-ESTEEM) my mom not only talks to me, but has forgiven me.

  • My Father, saw me living a life of perversion (homosexuality, among other things) and sent an angel to minister TO ME, and not my sin. She NEVER judge me. She had not SENTENCED ME TO HELL, as other Christians that preceded her. I remember telling her, "people told me I was going to hell, but they never told me how I could go to heaven."
  • He took me from being a drinking, smoking, violent STRIPPER (hustling brothers out of their money) and placed me in a major telecommunications company-the salary I make is equivalent to those with college degrees. I'm WORKING on my degree now. I was so real, I told the interviewer I worked in a strip club, and she considered that "public relations/sales!" Look at God!
  • I NOW know my worth. I'm priceless and therefore when Mooky, Pooky and Ray-Ray come along, I don't succumb to their wiles. I am NOT willing to sacrifice my children, nor myself in the name of dysfunction, loneliness, or because I don't feel complete. My Lord God, has filled the voids that (in the past) lead me to make unpalatable decisions. I take myself to the movies, out to dinner, on trips. Call me Loreal honey, cuz I'm worth it!
  • Today, the boldness that I embarrassed God with in the world, is now employed to speak out against hurts administered in the church, BY THE CHURCH! I'm serious...I have ruffled serious feathers in the church. Yes, we're supposed to pray and forgive but we can also go to those we have alt with and let them know what's really going on. Read Matthew 18:15, “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone."
  • My mind is restored. In my early 20's, my family life was in a state of disrepair. In my mind it was a hopeless situation and I felt soooooo alone. I remember writing a 4-page letter (front/back) *you all know i'm long-winded* it was my farewell to the world. You know what changed my mind? I couldn't come up with an explanation that would justify my suicide to my kids. I told them so many times in the letter, it wasn't their fault, and I loved them, but they did not believe me. I saw their future as angry, hurt, locked up in prison cuz their mom was not around...missing proms, 1st loves etc.
By the grace of my Daddy, I'm still here!
Has it been a piece of cake? of course not, I thought of turning in my "Body of Christ" membership card on many occasions...but yet, I press on.

Happy Thanksgiving to:
my blog-mama: Lynn,
blog-sis: AJ,
blog-hubby: Brian,
blog-aunties: Rosemarie, Regina
blog-cousins and n'em: Hicktown Press and blog-mama's husband-coworkers (she knows what I mean!)
blog-twin: One Man (dang can I know my twin's name??? lol)
my blog-sorors: "Colored Girls who've considered...",
blog-spiritual warriors: Phil, IC, Melvin (I have your backs!)
blog-soul sista:Invisible Woman
blog-gentle spirit: Marcus
blog- militant souljas: DB & Yobachi
blog-sista neo soul: Thembi
blog-shero:DeDe Hunt,spoken-word artist Dede's Myspace page, a must see
LQQKY LQQs (regular visitors who chill,but don't post):
thanks for your support!
blog- media sources: CNN, MSNBC, TMZ, Yahoo News, AOL News, Atlanta Journal,
Eurweb, & Black America

and most of all, I'm thankful 4 my jr. souljas in training who's just as real as me, their mama, and keeps me grounded!:

Nesa 19 (myspace is her platform) & Tony 16
They are my motivation. When they want info on a story or current event, I tell them to go to my blog, read it, and comment.

To those I missed, don't take it you know how many blogs I visit? lol
here's a place for you:
my-blog ____________: (your name goes here)

And on that note, I leave you this:

Glitter Graphics -

***Please don't forget to educate anyone with a pulse, about the plight of the black woman, esp. Mother Sara Baartman's place in history!***

Happy Holidays, Fam!

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