Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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We Love You, Black Man!
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Everyday, regardless of the media outlet, the black man is denigrated.
They're put down, lied on, abused, and maligned.
One media outlet is the black woman's mouth.
Just as mainstream media is guilty of creating an unpalatable image of the black male, our words have done the same or worse.
A brother I spoke to out of Detroit, is hoping to change the face of the black man.
RJ feels that enough of the tearing down and puts the ball in our court by challenging us to invest seeds (words) of hope in the black male.What are we doing as a community to build the black man up? If you, would like to be part of the "build up a black man" movement, how about contributing encouraging words,challenges, thoughts on upliftment.
Interested? Then become a writer for Black Male Appreciation

Visit RJ's, personal blog I AM RJ and learn about transformation of self, unconditional love etc.
His newest post is on his fiancee Cheryl, and the discovery of a love that flourished not diminished despite Cheryl's hair loss to Alopecia Areata ( a condition that causes hair to fall out on a certain area of the body for w/out reason. There is no cure).
Read about RJ's love for Cheryl here: No Love loss with hair loss

Family, please add these sites to your blogrolls and pass the links. It's time we share the love.

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