Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Shysters & Perverts in Jesus' Name" The Larry King Live Edition

Paula, get on your face and repent before God, and take your cohorts with you!

The Real Reason Jesus died on the cross for us according to Mega Preachers:
because God wants us to have more cash!

(thanks Ann B!)

Paula on Larry King:
I've viewed a clipping of the Larry King Edition of S &P (Paula White) and all I have to say is: This chile has sho' nuff been prepped. She doesn't miss a beat.
Pasted-On smile? Check.
New Veneers? Check.
Mini-face lift? Check.
French Manicure? Check.
Soft spoken answer?Check.
Repeating a question, while you search for an answer? Check.

Paula was soooo comfortable in this interview, she even leaned in onto Larry's desk as if they're old buds (because she knew she was in control of herself). I'm sure they will be since he simply GLOSSED over the scandal surrounding Paula.
If it was Paul Edwards-Detroit radio talk-show Paul Edwards Show, Paula would've pulled a Dr. Jan...took that microphone off, walked out of the studio and ride off into the sunset!

The most disconcerting aspect of this show was not Paula...well not Paula per was the clips that were aired. Paula was at her finest moment, walking up and down the podium, head going back and forth, shoulders getting ready to the do the "bankhead bounce" and then...
the camera pans the audience. Who's out there? US. An arena full of BLACK FOLKS lappin' that mess up like hound dogs!
What is it about desperate black people and megachurches?? What can charlatans, witches and warlocks do for you besides expedite your ticket to hell?
there's only one gospel, one Truth,
and his name is Jesus.

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