Friday, November 16, 2007


Open Letter To Discovery Health Channel-

To whom it may concern:
You, the powers that be at Discovery Health Channel are, in laymen's terms and colloquial verbage, "a hot mess!"

You are as wrong as not washing your hands before dealing with a patient, or carelessly writing out a prescription to a drug addict!!

Please mobilize your best PR people and fabricate a plausible explanation for your viewers, as to why-this-non-certified-plastic-surgeon-yet-CERTIFIABLE-butcher-manslaughterer has flown under YOUR RADAR for years, despite the various lawsuits and run-ins with the police?? has did what you should've done a long time ago...check out your staff!
This man is also a misogynist and I'm willing to bet my best pair of Crocs that behaviors indicative of a misogynist were displayed, reported, and no action was taking.

Like it or not,
as a medical show dispensing advice you
have a responsible to your audience/prospective patients.
Why did it take the Discovery Health Channel so long to remove Dr. Jan/Jekyll
off of the air? Network Pulls Plastic Surgery Show
Was the reluctance due to ratings?
Most definitely.
Your ratings have come at a price, you are not willing to pay.
Patients are going to continue to step forward with undeniable evidence-their bodies-that are marked, scarred, desecrated at the hands of Dr. Jan Adams.

What answer can you give the patients whose bodies are worse off now, then before, when asked why didn't you respond?
What answer do you think Kanye West will accept, when he questions you regarding his mother's, DR. DONDA WEST, death? And she's just one death we're aware of.

You cannot say in honesty, your hands are without blood, they're not.
I hope the ratings were worth the pain caused by Dr. Jan Adams, and your choosing to not intercede.


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