Thursday, November 15, 2007

Juanie B Comes Outta Hiding...

Bring In The New Year with Juanie B on the cover of Essence Magazine

Well, well look who's come out of hiding!
Juanie B herself.
You know it's time to make the rounds since Part I of her story will be in Essence Magazine this week, and Part II (because we never tire of Juanie B) will be in the January 2008 issue of Essence Magazine, and guess who has the cover?? Your royal profitess, that's who!

I don't want to ruin the article but did you know:
  • After the marital drama went down, Juanie"lost her $2.5 million home with the prayer room that gave her a quiet place to soothe her spirit... she cried for two days? Wow. She was traumatized!
  • Her estate in a Duluth, GA country club was headed for foreclosure. Profitess couldn't see that coming?!
  • And, always out to make a buck Juanie B is having Valentine's Day conference on Domestic Violence...i'm sure she's going to take the women to yet "another level" --I mean it's their "destiny" isn't it. Tell me, how many levels in Christ are there, when there's only ONE ANOINTING?? I'm just asking.
If I read the article, it'll be because I was chillin' at Hair Styles By Thomas, or the Dr's office cuz I'm not giving one slug, drachma, lyre, dollar, euro, peso, pound, loony, escudo, franc, shilling, or deutsch mark to Essence Magazine, because I know they've negotiated a financial deal with Profitess Bind'em.
She's not making money off of me. She won't be buying Jimmy Choo shoes with a solid gold heel, engraved initials with a diamond-encrusted insole courtesy of me.

It's going to be interesting to hear what she says, and then to hear of Weaks' reaction or non reaction.

Stay tuned for another episode of "Hot Mess in the Body of Christ" a church near you.

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