Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't Hate Katie Cuz She's A Celebrity and You're Not!!

Yes To Katie-No to the rest of you 60,000 NY Marathon hopefuls!

Well, it's another case of "it's-not-what-you-know-but-WHO-you-know!"

Suri's m-, Tom's wi-, I mean (clearing throat) Katie Holmes, was allowed to enter the NY Marathon after the deadline, and without being able to come in under 3h and 23min which was the qualifying time for women entrants.

Katie may have:

  • Missed the entrance deadline

  • been unable to to come in under 3h and 23min

  • not been viewed as a serious athlete

But she had something the rest of the entrants didn't:


That's right--what's the use in being married to full-time Scientologist & control freak, part-time actor/producer Tom Cruise-if you can't take advantage of the benefits?? So the "powers that be"(read, god Tom) commiserated and gave Katie the esteemed title of "VIP."

hmmmmm, that's interesting. According to Sarah Hunninghake the manager of media relations with the New York Road Runners Club, which promotes the New York City Marathon is quoted as saying that VIP spots are given to "to individuals with compelling stories, who are not admitted in the traditional way."

I wonder what "compelling story" did Kate give??

I'm not going to poke fun at this chile, cuz personally while i feel sorry for her-I'm almost positive Mr. Scientology has had a GPS tracking system sewn into her clothes-I'm also proud of her for COMPLETING the marathon!

If it was me, they'd still be looking for my booty..ok?

We really shouldn't be surprised...perks come with A/B list celebrities:

They spend 1 day in jail, hit maids & personal assistants upside the head with the closest projectile available, can smoke crack -shoot up heroin and still get 7-figure contracts, allow 8yr old celebrities to have alcohol, drive on suspended licenses, have 6 dui's before the courts do something...let Kate be A VIP in the marathon!


At least she's not doing anything stupid (except for her marriage) like most celebrities. That's where Suri'll come in--give her about 11 years.

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