Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ole School "Bad Boy" Norman Mailer...In Heaven Causing More Controversy!! :)

Goodbye, Norm!
Whether you loved, or hated him Norman Mailer could care less.
The famous or infamous (depending on the perspective) author Norman Mialer has died at the age of 84, of kidney (renal) failure.

Known for not kowtowing to society's expectations, Norman was a man of total unexpectation.

He was a brawler, drank, smoked weed, married 6 x's-stabbing wife #2 almost fatally, had 9 children, refused to use a computer-writing with a pen 1500 words/day.
Because of his staunch position against women's lib--he was known as " the ultimate chauvinist pig."

Mailer's greatest literary work (according to some) was called "The Naked and The Dead" which was based on his experience in the army, and was a bestseller at the age of 25.

The literary world will never be the same without hellcat Norman Mailer.

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