Friday, November 09, 2007

Serial Husband=Serial Killer of Wives???

We Were Right On the Money!
(bolingbrook, IL)

A couple of days I posted about a police office who said his MIA 23 yr old wife left him for another man. Yeah, whatever.
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Now, the police are suspecting this serial husband of foul play. Stacey, his 23 yr old wife, is his 4th wife.

For this man, Drew Peterson to be a police officer-he is stupid.

EVERYONE knows the spouse is going to be suspect #1, when a spouse's disappearance is suspicious. Mix that with wife #3 who drowned in the bathtub. (what? Are we speaking of a two year old?? how does an adult DROWN IN THE BATHTUB???) He did not grant total access of the house so it could be searched. Why not, if Stacy left to be with another man?? We don't have to do the math...we already know the answer.

Fast forward to now: Wife #3's body is being exhumed for evidence.

This could work out two ways....he confesses (is arrested) and is arraigned. Or as evidence mounts, he'll eat his gun. He seems like a control freak, so I wouldn't be surprised if he ate his gun for dessert.
The biggest losers are the young children.
I pray Stacy's found so that her family can have closure.

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