Friday, November 09, 2007

*Update 11.09.07* Lakshmi is breathing on her own!

This little girl has stolen a piece of my heart! source
My girl, Lakshmi is breathing on her own! She just had major surgery 56 hours ago. For those of you who were either locked up, or just crawled from under a rock...Lakshmi is a 2 yr old girl from India who was born with 4 legs, and 4 arms. Lakshmi literally absorbed her twin's body.
This little girl underwent 24+ hrs of surgery, so that she may live life on two legs instead of 4.
I must admit, this baby has captivated not only my heart but also those worldwide.
It also makes you humble.
When I thought of how selfish my thoughts were (supervisor, coworkers, kids, bills, life etc) and then I looked at Lakshmi's pic...a child with 8 limbs, who's smiling.
That pic (above) brought me down a peg or can i complain about my life???
What nerve.
You'd never know Lakshmi had physical issues looking at the pic above.
How is it that she can smile, considering her physical limitations?
This baby has been showered with unconditional love, and protected...just as Father does us.
It's amazing that this beautiful baby who lives so far from me, has managed to bring me closer to Christ.

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