Thursday, November 08, 2007

Every Village has One...

BLACK MAN ARRESTED IN TUPAC NOOSE INCIDENT: Suspect, 43, charged last week with criminal damage to property.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that a black man was arrested last week in connection with the hanging of a noose on a statue of late rapper Tupac Shakur in Georgia.

As previously reported, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain announced it had been vandalized last month. In addition to the noose offense, which police later said was actually a cross hung on a string, the Center also said that defamatory stickers and papers were left on the statue and that a pair of underwear had been wrapped around its head. The building was also defaced in the incident, the Center announced.

Kenneth Anthony Wilson, 43, was arrested and charged with a felony second-degree charge of criminal damage to property and is being held at jail in DeKalb County jail on a $1,500 bond, reports the paper.
A police spokesperson told the newspaper that authorities doubt Wilson had a racial motive in the incident. (This last sentence is hilarious!! what idiot posed such a question, that a spokesperson had to reply it wasn't racially motivated?!)

I don't know if Kenneth Wilson is a blithering idiot, or a shrewd manipulator.

I say this because...i'm wondering if he intentionally defaced out of anger, or rebellion or could he be hungry, homeless etc and he needed to do somethin that'll guarantee him going to jail, thus resulting in 3-meals-a day, and a roof over his head. I mean he's held on a $1500 bond...not much but he could get out.

This story was suspect from the giddy-up which is why i didn't post the story.

It just didn't feel right.

now I know why.

give me a break.

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