Friday, November 16, 2007

Former Patient of Dr Jan Adams, Provides Pics of His Handy-Work **GRAPHIC PICS**

Dr. Jan "playing" a Dr. on TV (below)

Soap Opera Digest Has Nothing On This...

Julie Coleman, wanted plastic surgery at the age of 34. Watching Dr. Jan on Discovery Health's, "Plastic Surgery: Before & After", Julie felt he was confident, and knowledgeable. Exactly what she needed in a plastic surgeon. She contacted Dr. Jan and was told if she let Discovery Health film her, she could get any surgery she wanted.
Julie agreed.
Little did she know her life would never be the same.
Being put in a car AFTER 9 HOURS OF SURGERY, and
STILL BLEEDING wasn't the worse part of the ordeal for Julie.
The worse part is the permanent disfigurement to her body, that almost destroyed her marriage. To add insult to injury, Julie
alleges the Discovery Health Channel was fully aware of what happened and did nothing.
See what Julie has to say
video of Julie Coleman
Below are pics of Julie's scars courtesy of "Dr." Jan Adams.
If you are squeamish, have a weak stomach or around small children do not proceed:

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