Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sheeple! Why Didn't You Pay Juanie B's Taxes?!

Suggested Reading for JB:

"Girl, Get Your Money Straight"
by Glinda Bridgforth

Juanie B has made the headlines again, except I'm sure she'd rather they 86'd this story!

Last month I posted that Juanie B paid $5k on her taxes
(jog your memory here)
and that she was still $30k+ short.

As of yesterday November 16, 2007, Juanie B's property taxes were late again in the amount of $31, 863.39.

Lawd, I guess her lawyer couldn't get that tax exemption she hoped for on the sprawling 30-acre, $4.5m property. Oh Juanie!
What's a girl to do??
We know Juanie B, a P.R. (public relations) MASTER, will crank out an explanation quick, fast, and in a hurry!

According to

"If Bynum's new tax bill is not paid today, late fees will begin to accrue at a rate of 1 percent per month — or about $318 — until the debt is paid off.

Another 10 percent penalty-$3,186-will be added on the tax bill when it becomes 90 days late."

Ok, let's do some math:

let a=$318 (late fee ea month)
let b=$3,186 (when late at 90-day mark)

$31, 863.39+2a+b=
$31,863.39+ 2($318)+$3,186=

$35,685.39 (and counting)=
minimal payment due in 90 days, if payment isn't remitted immediately.

This is an approx because according to Ware County Tax Commissioner Steve Barnard, the $318 (1% late penalty) accrues until the debt is paid off. When it's 90 days late an additional $3,186 (10% late penalty) is assessed. Whether that means at 90 days late, she'll be penalized 11% monthly, or simply 10%- who knows. I'm sure we'll find out though. *smh*

I do not like seeing Juanie B in such precarious situations, but you can tell she thinks she knows EVERYTHING!

Juanie B, if you humble yourself and repent...I tell you, my Daddy is a waymaker!
Ask me how I know! I got a testimony!
I gathered from reading the article there was no love lost between Juanie B & Barnard.

Note to Juanie B: FAVOR will take you where money won't, ok?! Having the right attitude (in Christ) will get you thru doors that would otherwise be impossible to walk thru!
Forward to 2008

As everyone knows, esp. if you read Y.B.R, Juanie B is preparing to take "her-mad-as-hell-female-sheeple" to yet another level of anointing (can someone show me in the Bible where it's acknowledged that God is a "level" type of God and that He is "poly-level"??) He's one God-with ONE ANOINTING!
She's preparing them for their destiny (can someone show me where in the Bible where God passed a destiny/purpose mantle to Juanie B & her pulpit-pimp-cash-money-crew??) and purpose on Valentine's Day 2008. There she'll expound on her domestic abuse plight (again), and I'm sure she'll be introducing her catchy "destiny/purpose/another level slogan to the sheeple at that time- which is designed mere to separate clueless, idolatrous, dumb in Christ, women from their wallets.

The devil's work is never done!

Because "a hard head makes a soft as-" err "behind," some folks have to be shown, rather than told.

Just look at Juanie B's cohorts, getting chin-checked by Sen. Grassley!

Or as my friend Phil calls them:

The Sacrilegious Six

*Don't need you to agree with me, but the truth is the truth anyhow!*

The government, be it local or federal, is all up in the pulpit pimps' business, because they're not handling their business correctly.

What the pulpit pimps really need is this:

Can you imagine the smackdown God'll give if these shysters don't repent??

Heaven help 'em!

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