Monday, November 05, 2007

*It's M.M. Monday!*-Katie, Escapes the Clutches of Scientology Entourage Long Enough To Run Marathon!

F127 aka "Marathon Mama" source

Suri's mama, err Tom's wife, I mean Katie Holmes-Cruise has exhibited how she deals with Tom & his scientology crew, she runs marathons.

It's no secret, the formua to running a marathon is thi: it's mind over matter. That is the optimal course to take (pun intended) when experiencing life's greatest challenges such as, Tom's latest Scientological antics, or trying to avoid staring at the two grapefruit halves that are bolted under Victoria Beckham's chest, passing off as breasts.

Katie clocked in at the NY marathon at 5:29. So she is able to complete a task without benefit of Tom! Amazing!

But as always, Tom was camera ready, with the most beautiful baby in the world (please note sarcasm here), Suri, in his arms awaiting Katie at the finish line.

Life as we know it, will never be the same.

Congrats Katie, on an awesome achievement!

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