Monday, November 05, 2007

*It's M.M. Monday!* Ebony Magazine Wins PhotoShop Award!

Michael Looks Beautiful in an Inanimate, Frontlace-tastic Kind of Way
(Thanks Overanalyze It &

It's hard being objective when looking at Mike.

Ok, I was understanding as to why he thinned his nose a little.

Then a little bit more.

Then a little more.

Then some more.

Then lighter skin.

And lighter.

And yet lighter skin.

Ok, when the chin took on a frankensteinesque square shape-I became alarmed.

Fast forward to today:

Tight jeans-high-heels-wearing,purse-toting-mask-wearing-beige-colored-skin-inhumanly-possible-perfect-frontlace-wig-white-babies-with-black-dna...

I mean come on Michael!!

You're becoming more and more ridiculous when I see you.

If a doctor does not confront M.J. and his OBVIOUS body dysmorphic disorder,


It's time for an intervention!!

He's not even white-HE'S BEIGE!

Mike you CANNOT TELL ME, that's the look you were going for-

these doctors need to be sued, fined, and licenses revoked.

You Betta Recognize--you better be glad it's him & not me!
p.s. I don't know when this Ebony comes out, but I'm not purchasing it cuz i'd be too creeped out with Michael looking up at me from the cover-that's it I'm suing Ebony on BEHALF of M.J. I'm suing for false representation, coddling him in his false reality, and making him look even more mannequinesque.
I know Ebony, isn't Essence Magazine-but this, Michael looks pure-d-ridiculous.
That is not keeping it real Ebony Magazine!

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