Monday, November 05, 2007

*It's M.M. Monday!* King Tut's Face Revealed Without Golden Mask

Well, King Tut is A Celebrity!

For the 1st time in over 3,000 years King Tut's face has been revealed for all to see! This is quite a coup as his face was almost destroyed, when his tomb was first discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, when he attempted to remove Tut's golden mask.

King Tut's body will be placed in a special casing so as to not accelerate the decomposition process due to heavy tourism. Under conducive conditions, King Tut's fragile remains can turn to dust.

Scientists said Tut was well-fed (duhhh, he was a king!), was approximately 5'6" and had a slight overbite. Can't have everything!

For more information on this extroardinary event, click on the link above!

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