Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jim Crow is Dead!!

Why Are Bigots Threatened By Minorities??
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A black woman named Lisa Woods, has been an ongoing victim of racial discrimination at Georgia-Pacific Co, near Brunswick, Ga. In addition to be forced to work ONE DAY AFTER A MISCARRIAGE-LIKE OUR ANCESTORS, she was also denied the use of the bathroom. A chronic sign that said "Out of Order" was posted on the bathroom door, until a white trucker came through. At that time, the bathroom is in working order. Like many minority employees, the incident was reported but not taken seriously.

When the oppressive work conditions were brought to the attention of First Coast News, reporter Jeanie Blaylock and a photographer went to the scaling house (where Lisa worked to weigh trucks) and the toilet was in working order. When the news crew left, Lisa Woods was fired. (coincidence? I think not!)

She was also taunted with a cartoon clipping of a pregnant monkey--Lisa was pregnant at the time.

What an idiot. Sounds like the makings of a juicy lawsuit.
I can' t imagine working under such conditions...God bless her.

I hope EEOC has take note of this discrimination case and runs with it.

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