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My Take On Sister2Sister's Magazine Article featuring Darius "Eddie Winslow" McCrary do I say this?

True to my word, per yesterday's post see here, I said I would contribute my thoughts regarding the above, article.
Here we go:
Jamie Foster Brown (whose not known for her Pulitzer Prize reporting skills, but moreso for her ghetto fabulous way of making interviewees feel at home), briefly reminded the public of who Darius McCrary is. His name though unfamiliar to the average Joe Blow, is quickly recognized as
'Eddie Winslow' from "Family Pains" (good show).
Wasting no time at all Jamie reminds Eddi-uh, Darius that Karrine 'Superhead' publicized a personal confession of Darius' god-brother Norwood Young
. Name isn't familiar?? Well he's the male version of Lil' Kim, in the plastic surgery sense, a G-list celebrity and I don't know why, see Norwood here.
Norwood's upset with Karrine because after he confided in her that he was sexually abused (no surprise there) as a child, she printed the information in her latest book, "Video Vixens." His personal pain became material for her book. Not cool.
Jamie says Darius was warned by Norwood and Bobby Brown (remember video diary she posted of Bobby B sleeping on her couch for all the world to see, embarrassing him to no end???) to leave Karrine alone, she's bad news. They oughta know right? Some people don't believe fat meat is greasy til they take a bite. And Darius is one of them.

After word is out that Karrine says Darius is her husband, drama jumps off-. mainly in that his gf Shakiri Hightowers breaks up with him.

This is where I have an issue with Darius...he alleges drama ensued (between Shakiri and him) after Karrine referred to Darius as her husband. Hmmmm. This is captured on video tape.
  • First let's say this...why is he (in the video) giving a woman he's not 'involved with,' a foot massage? A foot massage is an intimate act. Though many men (in my experience) do not understand that. They understand the physical impact it has on someone, but they haven't a clue about the emotional effects a foot massage can have on a person.

  • Secondly, an older woman (they show at the last minute) is having a simple conversation al fresco and Karrine addresses Darius as her husband. Older woman (whos' observing the ministration) tells Karrine, she's a lucky woman. And Mr. Hero, Darius, interjects and says "NO, I'm the lucky one." Darius cosigned Karrine's reference as her husband.

  • Thirdly, the googly eyes exchange between both of them at the end is hard to watch, and the inference is powerful. There was something going on. Sharkiri is not a fool.
  • in the video at 1:05 listen to the admission check out the video tape
Whatev. It boils down to Eddi-, Darius being sprung.
Tidbits from S2S:
  • Darius says when you mess up w/Karrine your biz's in the streets.
  • "If you're gonna turn a ho into a housewife, that's the one to get." Referring to Karrine (nice)
  • Refers to her as a "broad" several times in the article. (Can you say "neanderthal?")
  • His family was upset (many church leaders in the fam) about his "long sleepover" at Karrine's house.
  • You can' t tell Karrine nothing, and you have "kind of walk on eggshells when u dealing with her."
  • She had 5 dudes on a roster (literally a board u write on), 1, 2 were the main dudes. 3-5 received text messages from her. Not wanting to be a part of her harem (can females have harems), he voiced his concern and she wrote his name above 1,2 and said "now there's no one above you (to Darius)."
  • Karrine will do anything to keep her Video Vixen image, she can't have the public believe a man left her-how credible would she be as a video vixen??
  • Karrine's like a kid "when she don't get her way-...things get ugly."
The article made for an interesting read, but it made me feel sorry for both of them. She's a black widow-due to being hurt and rejected at a young age, and Darius for thinking he can be someone he never can be. JESUS. Only Jesus can save that child from herself and he needs to catch a clue or two. You can't get mad at Karrine when she's flagrant about the way she rolls and men hook up despite her inclinations-there are guys who are still stupid enough to chase after a beautifully empty woman, expecting to be fulfilled.
Can you say "murder-suicide?"
She's playing a very deadly game.
Karrine's a beautiful woman, I just wish she realized her true worth.

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