Saturday, November 24, 2007

ATTN: Juanie B & 'Bishop' T- Same Conference dates? What's the Sheeple to do???

SmileyCentral.comThis just in from the set of "Shysters & Perverts in Jesus' name", HicktownPress' ace reporter, Lynn was on the scene first to bring us this news: source

Schedules "Renaissance for Domestic Wholeness Conference," Valentine's Day Weekend 2008
(He still hasn't admitted his problem with Domestic Violence, he's just admitting Domestic Violence is a problem...whatev) *see vid below*

Sheeples are good for being pimped at conferences...they're like conference "groupies." They will use all of their vacation days for a conference! But what's a sheeple to do when there's TWO false teachers' ministering at the same time?? This calls for creative scheduling, as Weaks' soon-2-b-x-wife Juanie B, has scheduled her Domestic Violence Conference for the same weekend, Valentine's Weekend 2008!

scroll to very last sentence

All is not lost...although Juanie B is "scheduled" to have a conference in February, she has nothing in stone at her website. However...she doesn't seem like the type that'll back away from a challenge. This would be right up her alley to have the conference in order to prove something to BTWIII.

This has great potential to get ugly, but if they allow to come in and minister to them, Valentine's Day can prove to be a day of healing for them both.

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