Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Tomorrow's Episode of "Shysters & Perverts in Jesus' Name," Paula White: Will She Acknowledge Christ??

SmileyCentral.comOn the next episode of " Shysters & Perverts in Jesus' Name"...

Pastor and/or Life Coach-is that possible??

Due to the regurgitated vomit (i.e., lies, distortions & untruths) that seems to be shared among pastors... I like many other Christians who seek truth and will not accept heresy as gospel, am unlikely to step into an edifice. And if I do, it won't be that of a Pulpit-Pimp. Therefore,I seek God in my private time, listen to church sermons (not those found on CableTV ) and learn more about the Lord utilizing various online resources. *check outmy blogroll* Thanks Phil! and Thanks Ann!

Having said that when I visited the church called The Old Black Church , don't let the name fool you...this church is for errybody, I read the "bulletin announcement" stating that Paula will be on CNN's Larry King Live tomorrow, November 26, 2007, 9pm EST. If you desire you can send Paula an email via CNN and there's a chance yours may get read: send Paula an email

Because Larry isn't Christian (he's Jewish) he truly doesn't understand the issue between Paula and her cohorts and the church. So I know he will not throw questions at her that can be construed as "offensive" or hard-hitting, unlike my favorite Christian radio talk-show host, Detroit's own Paul Edwards. Paul interviewed her and asked how is it possible two Christians are unable to work out their marriage? And out of leftfield Paula used a distraction tactic in order to take the focus of her and her web of lies. Paula retorted, the least Paul could've done was ask about her dying "daughter." She said her daughter has 3, 4 stage cancer and is dying...truth is , Paul Edwards wasn't aware of the young lady's illness, it's Randy's daughter and if she's concerned about the young lady--why's Paula doing this book tour?? Remember, she'll be on Larry King tomorrow. Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Paula?!

Paula can not justify the path she has now chosen. As most false teachers can't when they're confronted by someone anchored in the Word.

How to Identify False Teachers, Profits,Pastors, etc
from The Foolish Galatian Blog via Independent Conservative
characteristics of shysters in the church
We must work out our "own salvation with fear and trembling"
Phil 2:12b, and stop leaving it up to these false teachers to do it!

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