Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tonex, formerly known as a gospel singer??

TIME TO MOVE ON: Tonex talks about the future

Gospel music fans have moved on from the chaos surrounding Tonex's "The Naked Truth" video. controversial vid And so has he.

The controversial singer says he's moving on to acting and book writing.

"I just filmed "The Hustle" with Charlie Murphy, David Alan Grier and Kym Whitley," he told us. "And I'm working with Janet Jackson her new album and a couple of songs with Michael."

Does this mean his gospel music career is over? Tonex says [fans] will hear from him internationally (London). He may release an album in fall 2008. Domestically, he's sticking with acting.

Why is he doing it this way? "Less is more," he says. "If you pull back, you get launched forward. Always keep them guessing. A lot of the gospel artists, you see them all of the time. Sometimes you have to pull back to launch forward."
I'm not really sure where I am on the map as far as Tonex's concerned.
He has exhibited frustration, anger and hurt towards the church that is alarmingly familiar to me.
I do remember his androgynous phase too. Who was he rebelling against?
I hope that he finds joy and peace in Christ, and sincere people in the entertainment business who are not wolves in sheep clothing.
Check out my favorite song by him, which is "(Lord) Make Me Over, Again" (see the vid below)

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