Sunday, November 04, 2007

Show Your Hair Who's Boss!!

"T-Boss" of Styles by Thomas Inkster, MI

I'm not a fan of beauty shops. Not at all. I do not like sitting (anywhere) waiting, waiting.

However since I've taken up walking, flat ironing (thermal straightening) my hair everyday isn't conducive to healthy hair. Having realized I need professional help, I had to decide WHO would do my hair. I have a friend who does hair, but my schedule did not allow for me to go to East Detroit.

Literally driving up Inkster Rd this past Thursday (Nov 1st), I settled on a name-"Styles By Thomas."

I said the name out loud so I can remember it, and then sent Google (46653)from my cell, a text message asking for the phone number.

From the giddy up speaking to T-boss (Tara) was hilarious. I called to make an appointment, and I couldn't hear her over the background chatter, and she couldn't hear me.

I messed up her name (T-bug, T-bog, T-what?, T-who?) I finally asked her to spell the last part of the name (b-o-s-s; why must I make simple things difficult??)

she messed up my name,
and she couldn't understand my cousin's name (Sonya)at all, lol!

The fact that she laughed and wasn't distracted by her atmosphere, impressed me to no end. I knew I wanted T-boss to do my hair.

Saturday arrived and it was the usual Saturday day. Busy. I knew immediately who T-boss was. Nope, she didn't describe herself, and she didn't tell me where she would be located in the salon. So how did I know who she was??

Her apron was embroidered with "T-boss!" lol-it totally eliminated the need for guesswork.

Her niece, washed the dickens out of my hair, and if there was a man somewhere in there, she washed him out too! ("i'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair"..remember that song, i'm telling my age now! oooooook, maybe not).

After my blowdry, I watched as T-boss hooked up customer after customer.

I think the most amazing transformation I had seen by T, was on this woman with damaged hair, right? Well, T put a stocking cap (i think that's what it was) and proceeded to glue on pre cut weave pieces to the cap. I think it was called 21 or 27 piece weave (per my daughter). After T, glued those pieces onto the cap and she bent just a few of the pieces with a curling iron-the woman walked out looking 10 years younger! T is not Jesus, but she sho'nuff worked some miracles out yesterday...ok?

I got more than I bargained for when I sat in T's chair. She's chockful of wisdom, so i'm going to pass this on to you ladies, courtesy of T-boss (paraphrased):
Allow him to be who and what he is... A MAN.
Don't complain about what HE'S NOT DOING, when YOU won't let him do it."

If he messes up, it will not be the end of the world.

T's been married for 7years and her and hubby had a heart2heart talk, and he made it clear that he wanted to be the man of the house.

That's very hard to accept when you've been in charge of your house for so long.

But T allowed her husband to assume the role in the home, and it's working out fine.

T also shared how important it is for we as women to have support. No matter what our endeavor is, having the support of those who love you will make a world of difference in your progress.

We continued to talk as girlfriends do, and I knew I'd be coming back for another hair appointment.

Oh, you wanna know how my hair looked? lol
Well, that's my pic up above on the right-you likey?? It's hard taking a pic of yourself, it doesn't do the hairstyle any justice at all!

Let me just say I am bouncing, behaving, and swinging my shiny, yaky phony-pony all over the place, ok? I said T, "do not make me look like a 20 year old, I'm not in denial, ok?" But she did it anyway! I'm going to get you, T! I look so much younger than my 39.5years.
She even managed to cover up my gray w/out color (bonus blessing)--I told you: She's not Jesus, but she can work miracles, ok??

So to Michiganders who believe the only place to get your hair done is Detroit.
You're wrong bubble gum breath.

Get your drive on to

"Styles By Thomas"

3887 Inkster Rd

Inkster, MI 48141

(313) 724-9421, and ask for "T-boss"

**There's also a braider/weavologist, a connecting barber shop on site, and proprietor Ms. Thomas herself, who fries, dyes and lays to the side the old-school clientele, press/curl anyone??**
Tell T-Boss, Bria sent you!

See you in a coupla weeks, T!

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