Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost, But Not Quite Gone (2007) A Year For the Books!

NOT SO FAST! Before we say goodbye to

A review of 2007 is in order!


Iphone & David Beckham (yes!)* Lisa Nowak (astronaut in diaper-NOT)*"The Departed" won best film (excellent!)* Viacom sued Google/Youtube for $1b (yep)* Couldn't sell your house to save a life!* Do I need to mention ARM(adjustable rate mortgage)?* Record number of foreclosures* Virginia Tech rampage* 18yr old in Finland goes on school rampage* Love or hate him Barry Bonds hits 756th homerun* Michael Vick-smh* US Atty Gen. Al Gonzales resigns* Millionaire Steve Fossett missing after plane took of in Nevada (missed that news)*Outrageous GAS prices! Mattel+China+toys=RECALLS* China+anything shipped to U.S.A=HOTMESS* Luciano Pavarotti passes* that dang O.J.*Merrill Lynch kicked CEO Stan O'Neal to the curb (he looks A.A!)* Jena 6*Hideous stock performances* Lynching* TWB (tased while black!)* Britney Spears-(too much to recount)* Jamie Lynn Spears (teen pregnancy BUT STILL RICH!)*Lynn Spears' book (get counseling honey)* where's daddy Spears?* Gawd awful celebrity plastic surgery* celebrities getting pregnant and popping out chirren like pez candy* celebrities picking up DUI's & tethers like Swag (GET A CHAUFFEUR DUMB,DUMB!)* Amy Winehouse needing rehab-yes yes yes* LoLo Lohan finishing rehab* Chris "Strokes" Stokes molestation allegation* Raz B & Ricky Romance-Stokes accusers*Al Sharpton, Bad Boy Michael Baisden & BLACK BLOGS pushing Jena 6 to forefront* Eddie Murphy IS ANGEL IRIS' FATHER!* Mel B has last laugh (I think)*Benazir Bhutto's killed* Detroit considered most dangerous city (get a life, statistician!)*Tiger at zoo goes on the wild*Al Gore help Al Jr with his drug problem b4 helping w/global warming-at least Jr was driving a hybrid!* kids saved parents' lives dialing 911, taking bullets, identifying suspects*Fluff daddy still a hot mess* Brandy's not responsible*"leaked" celebrity sex tapes (yawn)* young black man w/beard wearing women's clothing*Men sealed in Utah's mine collapse*Minnesota bridge collapse*Cali & Greece (not grease) fires*Federline better parent (say what?!)*Husbands killing pregnant wives*Natalee Holloway*Drew Peterson police/wives killer*Anna Nicole*Dannielynn turns 1*child,Madeline McCann disappears*MISSING BLACK WOMEN GET NO LOVE FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA*Sen. Larry Craig is not gay, but gay*Illegal Aliens*KICK ROCKS Harry Potter Books & Sopranos sucky finale*Chris 'Leave Britney Alone' Crocker*Tay 'Chocolate Rain'Zonday*Phil Spector-hung jury, many hairstyles*Mitchell's list of MLB steroid users*Mary J Blige 'Growing Pains' CD*Keisha Cole 'Just Like U' CD*Justin Timberlake-Beyonce 'Until The End of Time'* Poor Kelly Rowland*Clash of the Choirs* UGLY BETTY STILL RULES!*Queen Latifah 'Trav'lin Light' CD*Janet J STILL LOOKS GOOD!*Rihanna blows up with haircut, umbrella, foot cast & cane*YouTube*GodTube*Mozilla Firefox Browser ROCKS!*IE Browser-NOT!*Thank goodness 4 Tyler Perry!* &, cool*ConcreteLoop, The YBF, Crunktastical, Bossip, Babes-Blings&Booze*Bria becomes a BLOGGER!*EVERY BLOG ON MY BLOGROLL OF FAME-SHEER HOTTNESS!*Yes-Fuel My Blog, Mybloglog,blogcatalog,technorati*Windows Vista-NOT!*new 'it girl' Kathy Heigl*who cares Eva & Tony??*poor Tara Reid*Isaiah Washington*Isaiah Thomas*Urshmeka*Halle got her baby!*Solo & 'Yonce darker hair (loves it)*Chaka Khan's 'Funk This' CD*Yolanda King (MLK's daughter) passes*Oprah's school scandal*Barak*Thompson/Huckabee ^5*Jordin Sparks*Jesse Jackson still talking*Ike Turner's playing guitar...somewhere*Don Imus & Doug 'Dog' Chapman(i 4giv them)*Rutgers Women Basketball team-U GO GIRLS!*Bill Reilly's stupidity*Get some sleep, Beyonce-you're making ME tired!*Katrina's flood victims STILL neglected*Kim Kardashian & assets* JLO and worse kept secret (pregnancy)*Miley Cyrus (i'll never understand that)*Brangelina*Knut the Bear*Sanjaya*Megan Williams*FALSE: PASTORS , PROFITS(prophets), TEACHERS, PROSPERITY GOSPEL, INCLUSION, ONENESS*'pastors' Randy/Paula White's imminent divorce* Sen. Grassley holding ministers accountable ^5*'bishop' Long, Dollar , White and all others who snubbed Grassley's request-smh*
Which brings us to
-the hottest
-the funkiest
-the stankiest
-the tackiest
-the pettiest
-the most carpet pulled back revealing story
(not including the nasty pedophile, sexually abusive pastors-yechh)
-the most ridiculously, embarrassing (but provided lots of material for bloggers) and foolish acting in THE PUBLIC'S EYE/MADE TO LOOK LIKE ABSOLUTE NINCOMPOOPS in the media-the biggest news to come out of GA in 2007
(2nd- GA's drought, 3rd- Dollar & Long's refusal to comply w/Grassley) yes-it was a NEWSWORTHY YEAR FOR GA!
...but there can only be ONE, #1 story that captivated America.
This story captivated America and her churches...

From beatdown to put down, from $5k pens to begging for $200k for a threshing room, from getting stomped on in August to stomping the yards at every opportunity to make her story known and declaring herself the "Face of Abuse"-the Weeks are the church's black "Alec Baldwin & Kim Bassinger."

They've been sued every which way but loose-
by church members, creditors, tax liens, bad credit, evictions, divorcing but not according to the courts, to a recent judgment being handed down in amount of $200k against Juanie B for not paying TV crew according to internet's Mo'Kelly.
No one wants 2007 to kick rocks like the Weeks'...while Juanie has covered Essence and given them her side, Weaks covered the video medium and radio.

They're reminiscent of the energizer bunny named Beyonce: You get tired of seeing her all over the place, but u can't help but be fascinated by her.
Let's hope bootylicious 'Yonce is in the news more in 2008, than the Weeks!


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