Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mary J has Grown Up!

Mary Does What Few of Us Wants To Do:
Humbles Herself

Like most of us, I was hooked on Mary's "Just Fine,"
I forgot about her CD release until my daughter Nesa said,
"mama, you gotta get Mary's new CD!"
Well, if my 19y/o is pushing Mary, it must be tight, right?
Well, I got the cd and didn't know what to think...
trk 1 "work that"-diddy tells women to be happy with yourself-don't worry about what people say about you-work that!
trk 2 "Grown Woman ft. Ludacris"-I like this song simply cuz Mary gets her rap on! Go Mary!
trk 4 "Feel Like A Woman"-Mary keeps it real. Man, I want u to make me feel like a woman-I want to be DEPENDENT for a change. (loves it)

After the duet w/Ludacris, Mary songs delves into relationships, the struggles but wanting to work it out. Stick and Stay, and her willingness to do whatever's necessary to make it WORK!

Now, Mary is still Mary and she still keeps it real, so trk 9 "Roses" is her saying, "look ok relationships isn't always going to be about you...i'm goin to be Mrs. Right've been Mr. Right all the other days, but today's my day.
Relationships ain't all "Roses...ain't all candy,"
people need to understand that...marriage is NOT the wedding.
The end of this song is just funny...people giving her advice saying "u need to figure it out" and Mary's retort is: " no U FIGURE IT OT..U SUCK IT UP!"
That's Mary!

Trks 10-15 are you listen to the lyrics, Mary gives you a real glimpse inside of marriage. It's hard, it's tough, but the love is beautiful nontheless.
pièce de résistance beyond a shadow of a doubt is:

trk 16 is "Come to Me (Peace)" [last trk on the cd] Not only is the music beautifully emotional, but Mary is soft, she's honest, she's absolutely touching in this song.
This song is for those times you've looked over mistakes in the marriage-which is now in shambles, realized your part in the mess, and said you know what? 'this relationship is still salvageable and I'm willing to make peace between us. I'm not going to give this relationship away, and if I have to beg, plead or cry-so be it.'
The urgency in the music is felt as the song draws to an end.

Mary, has definitely grown up-only the mature would understand and appreciate this CD.

I give this CD:

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