Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hmmm, Surprised at THESE Statistics?!

Here I am up EARLY IN THE AM blogging-since I went to bed around 7pm w/ a vicious tummy ache!

I'm much better now. Thanks :)

Anyhoo, I wake up at 5:38am with a start and then I froze-I remmy'd about my stomach ache and waited a sec or two to see if the nausea was still in effect.
I thank God for healing me, cuz I felt like CRAP!

Of course I jump on the laptop and cruise...I came across an interesting article at
Mes Deux Cents:

Black Women: Violent and Vulgar

Set It Off (1996)/ New Line Cinema

According to The Entman-Rojecki Index of Race and the Media (by Robert M. Entman and Andrew Rojecki, authors of The Black Image in the White Mind)

In the top movies of 1996:

Black female movie characters shown using vulgar profanity: 89%.
White female movie characters shown using vulgar profanity: 17%.

Black female movie characters shown being physically violent: 56%.
White female movie characters shown being physically violent: 11%.

Black female movie characters shown being restrained: 55%.
White female movie characters shown being restrained: 6%.

Considering the fact there are FEW quality parts available to black male actors, let alone female actors, and these women ARE wanting a certain standard of living-yes they will fill those parts.
Julia Roberts has the nerve, authority and cajones to say "bump you and the horse you rode in on, I'm not showing so much as an AREOLA (sp)" and she became the top grossing female actor.
Let Angela Bassett, Queen Latifah "lay down the law" and guess what'll happen?
They'll be labeled as "diva" "difficult" "bi*tch"
Mind you, these women are classy. Even with Q.L. in "Set it Off"-to see her play a role that was so unlike what we've seen of her in movies-I was awestruck!
I thought EVERY actor in that movie did a class A job.
How can you have a movie set 'in the hood' and not have vulgarity, profanity etc, be a part of the movie?
That's inane-the movie would not be plausible!

There aren't even enough movies to showcase NEW black talent-if it weren't for Tyler Perry, lawd knows we'd be up the creek!

If I see ONE MORE PAIRING of Morris Chestnut/Gabrielle Union I'm going to
Enough Already!
How about the investors greenlight movies of quality & substance for BLACK ACTORS, for a change?
But if they did that, Entman & Rojecki's Index of Race would be on the list of extinction-you know-like quality roles for black actors!

Fam? What do you have to say about the Index of Race...didn't they make "official" what we already "unofficially" knew??

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